Meet our leadership team

Saul Greenberger

Saul brings a wealth of experience to Limitlessli from his background as a nursing home administrator. In 2009, Saul co-founded, together with some other incredible industry insiders, what was to become one of the country’s largest and most successful long-term care pharmacies, disrupting the “business as usual” model of service. Saul contributes his expertise, experience, and industry knowledge to strategically develop Limitlessli’s client offerings. A respected thought leader, he actively shares his insights at industry conferences and in publications.

Andy Behr

Andy brings over twenty years of expertise in assisting small businesses with their expansion efforts and aiding larger companies in restructuring to achieve growth and enhanced ROI. As Chief Operating Officer at Citybook, she transformed operations and revamped the management hierarchy, propelling the company to significant growth and establishing it as a key employer in the Anglo-Israeli community within just five months. In her role as Chief of Staff at WEEL, Andy played a pivotal role in doubling the company’s workforce within a short time frame. At OurCrowd, she led a global sales team to achieve outstanding results, further showcasing her ability to drive success across diverse business landscapes.

Avi Turkel

Avi is an experienced technology professional, managing comprehensive technology stacks, and driving automation and mentoring initiatives to boost back-office operations and employee performance. As CTO at Clarity Capital, he led significant advancements in technology infrastructure and business analysis. Before his tenure at Clarity Capital, Avi served at Goldman, Sachs & Co. for 17 years, where he excelled in various roles, notably as Vice President, providing consultancy services to hedge fund clients on technology infrastructure and cyber security. As the CTO for Limitlessli, Avi has engineered a scalable technology framework tailored for enterprise clients and their international off-site teams, ensuring both security and efficiency at the core of operations.

Carolyn Bailey,
Director of Recruitment

With a strong foundation built on integrity and honesty, Carolyn brings over 20 years of experience in talent leadership roles with an extensive background in talent acquisition and mobility, executive search, and strategic sourcing. She has a passion for leveraging data, technology, and industry best practices to enhance the candidate and client experience With a focus on fostering diversity, employer branding, and compelling value propositions, she supports business leaders in driving tangible business and commercial outcomes. Carolyn brings a unique blend of leadership, collaboration, and cultural awareness to the table having worked across APAC, EMEA & North America.

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